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Apr 29, 2017

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    May 29

    Here are my conclusions: 1. Geographical position. The geographic position of the US allows them to project power everywhere in the world, provided they have a strong military (AL). The Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean are arguably the 'pool' of the US as the Mediterranean Sea is 'the pool' of the Roman Empire first. If Russia is protected by a fierce cold wilderness field, the US is arguably protected by both oceans. It was proven that the country was almost untouched by World War I and World War II (Pearl Harbor was in Hawaii, that was already Japan's maximum reach to attack the US). So the US still has an army that is intact when it plunges into helping battered Britain and France in Europe. 2. Natural. Unlike Canada which is too cold and the majority of its areas are forests that are not friendly to settlements, the majority of regions in the US tend to be flat and fertile which is very good for agriculture. The rivers are very suitable for trade in the past, so the distribution of wealth goes well to other regions. Trade between regions is very smooth with these rivers. Conducive nature also facilitates the mobilization of military forces. The right climate (not too cold, not too tropical) also helps agriculture and the economy. 3. Industry. As a result of number 2, the US has large capital to adopt and develop industries, both civil and military. 4. Open to immigrants. The US is a country built by immigrants. Protestant escape, Jewish escape, victims of Irish potato famine, immigrants from Italy, Russia, the Middle East ... all are accepted as 'Americans'. This means that many intelligent brains and knowledge are brought in which are the assets of the nation. 5. Marshall Plan. As a result of numbers 1–4, the US is the only country that wins World War II which still has a complete economy. The Marshall Plan is a soft loan given by the US to European countries to recover. Since this time the US has become a new style empire. The US is seen by European countries as their 'protector' against the influence of the Soviet Union. The US also has a lot of influence on the European countries. Since then US policymakers no longer think only in the US context, but in a global context (even though the aim is for national interests). Futbol The US must also think of its allies throughout the world. The interests of Britain, EU, Saudi, Israel, the Philippines, Turkey, etc. must all be accommodated. (The only president who does not have this mindset is only Donald Trump, who claims that he is nationalist, not globalist).
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    Apr 29, 2017

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    Apr 29, 2017

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